Drywall finishing and texturing


Drywall finishing is the art of making a wall full of drywall panels and screw holes look like one seamless surface.  Professional drywall contractors finish drywall using special types of tape and various drywall compounds (mudding and taping).  Drywall finishing involves applying the materials, precisely skimming the new surfaces, letting it dry, sanding the results, then repeating the process until the optimum smooth surface is complete.  While the steps aren't difficult, achieving smooth, seamless results takes a lot of experience and skill.  A poorly completed drywall finish makes then entire job look bad, no matter how well all the other steps were done.  For this reason, it's usually best to hire a good drywall contractor to handle any drywall finishing you may need.  Midland Drywall Contractors only hires the best drywall technicians in the Midland Odessa area, and we ensure they have the right tools and materials to do the job right.


Drywall texturing involves applying various materials on top of finished drywall, then using special tools to create a specific look that will then dry, producing a rigid surface texture.  Creating a uniform drywall texture across the entire drywall surface takes experience.  Applying a drywall texture can be a great way to give a surface a unique look to create that perfect feel to a particular space, or a texture can be used to hide small surface imperfections.  We can apply a variety of drywall textures to give you the look you're going for.  Some common drywall textures are orange peel or knockdown textures.  Due to the extra material used and the amount of time it takes to properly apply a drywall texture, it does cost more to apply a drywall texture than it would to just go with a flat drywall finish, but the results are worth the extra expense.

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