Drywall Framing


Drywall framing is basically building walls.  If you need to move or build walls or closets, you need a good drywall framer.  After the frame is built but before the drywall is installed is the right time to add any electrical wiring or plumbing to the wall.  Getting an expert drywall framer means getting fully functional walls that are as sturdy as the rest of your home so the drywall installers can easily line everything up just right.


Drywall framing refers to the arrangement of interior wall surfaces and architectural details of a structure such as a house, school, hospital or office building. Wall framing is a very important aspect of building design and its importance cannot be overemphasized. This is because the wall framing constitutes the first contact of the interior and exterior surfaces and thus requires careful attention. The type of wall framing chosen for a particular structure should comply with local building codes. There are basically two types of drywall framing; namely wood and metal framing.


Wood framing is the most common type of wall framing used in residential buildings these days. Wood is widely used because it is economical and easy to install and work with. Wood framing is comprised of vertical and horizontal wood studs to form a strong, rigid structure that allows for the addition of utilities, like electrical wiring and plumbing. A typical wood-framed wall consists of standard studs, king studs, cross beams, headers, fire-checks, and corners.


Metal framing, as the name depicts, is comprised of metal members that are used for wall framing purposes. The main benefit of using metal wall framing is that the wall panels are lighter and resistant to many forms of degradation over time, such as mold, rot, or termites. Metal framing is used more often in multi-story commercial buildings.  Wiring run through metal framing will require additional protection.


If you’re looking to build or move walls or closets, using a good drywall framer is essential.  If the framing isn’t done right the first time, the only real recourse is to tear it down and build it again.  A good framer will add fire-blocks and other internal structures that will strengthen the wall so it is rock-solid.  Attaching drywall to a frame that isn’t solid is just asking for trouble and damage down the line, so make sure you get the frame built right the first time.

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